Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Support green living and save earth for future generation

Go paperless at work: Distribute company information and post company material online.

Put your seat belt before starting engine: On average we waste fuel by starting the engine and then putting on a seat belt.

Use public transport on your way to airport: Most hub and regional airports have good public transport links, which means you can catch the bus or train instead of driving to the airport and adding to your carbon footprint even more

Don’t charge electrical off car battery: It might be convenient, but charging your iPod / mobile / laptop / whatever off the car battery greatly increases fuel consumption.

Alternate source of electricity: Depend less on your utility company and produce electricity in your home from alternate source such as wind, sun etc and beat power cut.

Dual piping for apartment: Residents can use one pipe for drinking, bathing and utensil cleaning where other pipe will bring in rain water and treated water for toilet, lawns, washing cars, floors etc. This will enables to save 40% of potable water.

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Before you say "I do" ...think green.

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