Wednesday, July 29, 2009

"R" factor for saving Energy

Replace old drafty windows with new ones that have insulated glass. Check all of your doors and windows to see that they are properly fitted and that there is no missing stripping. If there is something wrong, fix it now instead of later.

Replace older water heaters with a newer energy efficient model and be sure to wrap it with a special water heater wrap. Conserving water is another way to conserve electricity.

Replace old showerheads with new ones or use flow restrictors. Check your plumbing for signs of leaks and if there are any leaks fix them immediately.

Replace old appliances with new energy efficient models and be sure to look for the Energy Star rating. Cover all foods and liquids in your refrigerator and freezer to help avoid compressor overload.

Replace all of the old light bulbs in your home or office with new energy efficient ones. Electricity conservation can be easy when you stop to think about it. Unplugging small appliances when they are not in use, turning off phantom power by unplugging electronics such as television sets when they are not in use and shutting down your computer when it is not in use are all great ways

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