Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Tips to Save Earth and Share your green ideas

Following are tips to save earth and share your knowledge or green ideas with your friends, neighbors or people with common interest .

Build your real-life social network: Most of us get a kick out of traveling to new countries, but don't even know the people on our block. Make friends, trade recipes, swap garden seeds, or build a carpool with your local community members. Some of the most interesting people live near you, and all it takes is a conversation to begin connecting.Share your latest green ideas with like-minded people around the world.

Comment on green blogs: You can either write blog to support green living or comment with you green ideas to share with other readers.

Deliver bills online: Save paper by delivering bills and cash receipt of your customer to their email id. Bills especially in supermarket, grocery store and restaurants can be delivered to your customer's email id and reduce usage of paper for printing bills.

Buy rechargeable batteries: Buy rechargeable batteries instead of throwing away batteries into landfills. Batteries contain heavy metals like mercury, lead, cadmium and nickel. Household batteries, especially alkaline and button batteries, are the single largest source of mercury in our trash.

Borrow things and reduce waste: You can borrow things from your friends, relatives or neighbors instead of buying things which you need only once in a while.

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Eco-friendly methods to control pests

Pest problems in one apartment,if left unchecked, can spread to neighboring apartments.Like any other living being, pests tend to move to a place where they can survive and their needs are met.Here are some tips for Eco-friendly pest control.

Tips for Eco-friendly pest control

Clean your apartment at regular interval and avoid storing newspapers, paper bags, and boxes for long periods. Also, check for pests in packages or boxes when you carry them to your home.

Don’t let garbage stack up or pile up in your home. Make sure that you don’t have bowls of water, discarded tires, and other receptacles that can contain rain water.

Baking soda and powdered sugar mixed in equal parts is a good Cockroach killer.

Cucumber is natural and non-toxic pesticide to get rid of bugs such as ants, wasps, mites etc.

Soak a cotton ball in the oil of peppermint and place it at a suspected entryway. Mice cannot stand the scent of peppermint or peppermint oil.

Caulking crack in your kitchen or bathroom doors and windows help to minimize the shelter of pests in your home.

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Monday, October 5, 2009

You Can Reduce Carbon Footprint

There are a lot of environmental groups, and we even celebrate Earth Day, but we cannot deny the fact that everyday of our lives, we worsen the condition of our environment. You can reduce carbon footprint by adopting following methods and support green living.

Replace ordinary chokes with electronic ballasts in tubes and Compact Fluorescent light bulbs can be easily substituted for the energy-draining incandescent bulbs and can save about 50% to 80% of energy. Convert twin tube fittings to single tube by using imported EGP reflectors.

Be sure to clearly label switches or equipment that must be left on, and then turn everything else off. Buy appliances that are marked as being energy saving.

Use occupancy sensors. These little gems are inexpensive, easy to install, and can produce significant energy savings around your homes. For larger rooms, install the sensors in the ceiling in smaller rooms they can be installed in place of the light switch.

For easy and convenient watering, choose a watering can that is well balanced to hold and has a long, narrow spout, which makes it easy to direct the water to the compost rather than over the plant. Plants probably die of over watering therefore plants should be watered often in little quantities. Plants should be handled gently, and should be positioned in a shady and sheltered location. Grow such plants as are good for local environment and animals and require less water.

Teach your children and servants water saving tips. Don’t allow servants to clean driveways using hosepipe instead the driveway should be cleaned using brooms. An easy way to get people involved, even youngsters in the community is to organize an information dissemination campaign regarding the importance of water.

You may create posters and slogans about global warming or saving the earth's precious life commodity. If you're not the leader-type who'd go out and advocate water conservation and protection, you can still help save it while at home.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Green business for increasing profit and save environment

Today, green business is an extremely profitable branch of the business world, and it hosts a range of companies, from prestigious multinational companies to small, locally based companies.The goal of a green business is to keep its environmental footprint small, reducing waste and reusing materials as much as possible.

A typical office disposes of about 350 pounds of wastepaper per employee per year. If you figure out ways to save some of that paper, you can avoid turning some of your company's profit over to its paper suppliers. An Eco-friendly paper policy will give you an edge over your competitors when it comes to winning the hearts and minds of your clients.Paper products are the single largest component of the garbage that goes into landfills and incinerators. By reducing the paper your company uses, you can help rein in a number of environmental problems

Green Business Ideas

Natural Pest Control is a rapidly growing field especially for residential customers concerned about the health and welfare of children and pets.

Green Marketing Expert helping companies develop marketing plans that reduces costs and improve their reputations both with consumers and in their communities using green promotional products.

Green Business Consulting helping businesses that can't afford full time environmental management departments, take the steps toward sustainability.

Eco-conscious search engine:There are a lot of ways you can take action, but one of the easiest ways is to utilize an eco-conscious search engine. Eco-conscious search engine is green business that donates profit generated by environment supporters and people using eco-conscious search engine for searching information in internet.ECO SEARCH is one of the eco-conscious search engine that support green living and spread word about charities supporting green living