Monday, August 16, 2010

5 Easy Ways to Save Energy

  1. Use an Energy Monitor: Measure your way to savings with an energy monitor.Research has found that such info leads consumers to reduce their electricity consumption significantly.

  2. Pay less for hot water by insulating pipes: Check to see if your pipes are warm to the touch. If so, they are good candidates for insulation.Pipe insulation is often R-3 or, for batt styles that you wrap around, a stronger R-7.

  3. Upgrade your appliances: If your furnace is old you could save a lot of money in the long run by upgrading to a new unit.

  4. Use a Laptop Instead of a Desktop: Laptop computers draw only 15 to 25 watts during regular use, as compared to the 150 watts used by a conventional desktop computer and monitor.

  5. Get an Energy Audit: An energy audit will help you determine exactly how much juice you are using, and will identify ways you can reduce it, through better insulation and other techniques.
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