Friday, June 12, 2009

Simple and useful green tips

Earth gives water, air, food and everything that a living beings needs. It is our duty to give our what it needs. Here are some tips for saving environment

  • Say No to Polythene bags: Polythene bags are a complete menace to environment through its whole life cycle. They block air and hence does not let your fruit and vegetables breathe. Then they don't burn and create lots of smoke. The unburnt Polythene bags block sewage pipes too and create havoc like Mumbai floods. In the sea or in river also they block air to the plantations and animals.
  • Use natural light to save on electricity bill: In daytime, don't make the room dark and then use the Electric lamps. Instead, use the Sunlight in the daytime. One can reduce the Elec.bill to a great extent.

  • Take care of trees and plants in your neighborhood: Don't be oblivious to trees and plants around you. Adopt a tree in your area and water it regularly.

  • Reduce, Re-Use And Re-cycle: In short, Just Remember, Reduce, Re-Use And Re-cycle should be the mantra in each one's life for Green Living.

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