Thursday, June 11, 2009

Green Lifestyle for Saving Nature

It is duty of one and all to save environment and bring balance in nature. Never pollute or waste natural resource, avoid generation of waste by recycle, reuse and reduce.

  • Healthy ideas - Save water / electricity: Use the water left after rinsing your clothes to wash off the balconies / toilets - save water guys...Use a mud pot to cool water instead of storing it in the refrigerator - will save power and also good for health.
  • Plant trees in waste lands: Small pieces of unused land should be used to plant trees. They look beautiful and help bring down the heat.
  • Save waste at work - use a mug or glass for your drinks instead of disposable cups, and encourage your colleagues to do the same.
  • Car pool to your workplace, it only needs a small adjustment in your schedules. You can socialize and get to know your neighbors and colleagues while driving, reduce your driving stress and save the money spent on fuel and maintenance.
  • Exchange your old appliance for newer one which consumes less energy. New appliances are designed to save electricity and meet your requirements. Exchange your old appliances and best utilize the offers. Check for labels and efficiency of appliances.
  • Walk, ride a bicycle, use public transportation, or carpool whenever possible. Save environment from getting more pollution

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