Monday, May 25, 2009

Save Electricity At Home and Save Your Monthly Utility Bill

There is no need to explain the importance of saving energy. Save electricity at home and see the difference in your monthly utility bill. You can see how much you can save by using energy efficiently in your home.

  • Change ordinary bulb: Change your ordinary bulbs and tube lights to CFL (compact fluorescent lamp). This consumes less electricity and helps to save electricity at home.

  • Avoid Standby mode: Do not keep your TV in standby mode. If TV and computer are not in use switch them off. Standby mode consumes electricity and leads wastage of electricity.

  • Refrigerator: Close your refrigerator properly and do not open them frequently. This consumes electricity. Replace old refrigerator with energy efficient one.

  • Iron: Iron all clothes together in a day or iron all clothes once in a week. This helps to save electricity at home and save your time.

  • Washing machine: Wash your clothes once a week and fully utilize the capacity of your washing machine. It helps to save good unit of electricity than washing clothes in small quantity which consumes more energy.

  • Laptop: Use laptop which saves up to 90% of energy comparing to your PC or computer. Save electricity at home and encourage others to save energy.

  • Solar energy: Best utilize solar energy which you get free of cost. During day time use natural lights instead of electric lights in your living room or other rooms and in evening use solar lamps to save energy. Solar water heater and other solar equipments help you to save electricity.

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