Saturday, May 23, 2009

Green Living for Better Tomorrow

There are number of campaign conducted to support green living. Are you one of them who want to support green living but do not know how to support green living? Saving a little fuel, water, energy or other natural resources per day makes a big difference. In your household you can also easily bring some changes to save environment. Here are some tips for green living.

Indoor garden: This is simple and easy way to bring nature inside your home or apartment. Indoor garden absorbs carbon dioxide and gives fresh air in the room. This helps to remove stale or odor in the room.

Watering garden: Early morning and late in the evening is best time for watering garden. This helps to save water and prevents water getting evaporated. Do not over water plants, watering plants till soil becomes moist.

Recycle and Reuse: Household waste consists of leftover kitchen waste and old newspaper or plastics. These can be recycled or reused. Kitchen waste can be converted to compost and they are eco-friendly.

Save Energy: Turn off your TV and computer when they are not in use. Keeping them in standby mode consumes energy and leads to wastage of energy. Switch off lights in kitchen and bathroom when not in use and best utilize living room for whole family.

Plant trees: Plant trees to bring balance in environment and purify surrounding air. Trees absorb carbon dioxide and gives oxygen. Attract birds by planting trees and shrubs in your backyard.

Fertilizers: Use organic and environmental friendly fertilizers in your garden. Use less toxic pesticides for your plants. Organic and eco-friendly fertilizers are good for nature and wildlife.

A small change in your lifestyle brings big change in atmosphere. Say no to polythene and avoid wastage of papers. A number of trees are cut down to make papers. Cut down of trees leads to imbalance in nature and cause problem to environment. Know the need of saving environment and support green living. Promote carpooling and usage of public transport rather than using private which helps to reduce pollution. Best utilize solar energy to save energy.

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