Saturday, August 29, 2009

Support green living and teach your kids to support green living

Supporting green living is not just healthier for the environment - it's healthier for people, too.

  • Stop using Lysol or air fresheners of any kind - Whether it's diaper duty or stinky gym shoes, moms use a lot of air freshening sprays to make their homes livable. Think about the harsh chemicals and the aerosol cans used for conventional air fresheners.

  • Use biodegradable, concentrated, plant-based cleaners - You have probably seen some concentrated cleaning products and detergents, in grocery stores, but very few of them are made from plant derived products or are biodegradable. So, concentrated versions of harmful or harsh solvents are still not truly green, although they are a bit better because you use less of them.

  • Dress appropriately for the weather:The bulk of your energy bill is NOT going to lighting, but to heating and cooling.You use less heating power in the winter and less cooling power in the summer if you simply teach your children to dress appropriately for the weather.

  • Spend more time at home - The less gas you burn driving around town when you spend more time in home.spending more time at home is healthier for mind, body, soul, and planet. It gives you more control over what influences your children, and it saves you money.

  • Say no to plastic bag: Say "No bag, thank you." Whether you're buying toys, snacks, or clothes, tell the checkout person you don't need a bag.

  • Eat more raw foods - Simply put, if you cook less, you'll use less energy. You will also retain more vitamins and nutrients in the food you and your children eat.

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